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Diagnostic Imaging


Diagnostic imaging is essential in order to work up a case to get the answers we need to deliver the correct diagnosis and determine treatment options.

At Blackdown Equine we are proud of, and have come to rely on, our range of up-to-date equipment including mobile digital radiography (x-ray) equipment, X-ray generators,  mobile ultrasound (scanning) machines and a variety of video-endoscopes.

Diagnostic Imaging


Our mobile state of the art digital radiography (x-ray) machine allows us to take x-rays out on the yard to get instant answers, without having to transport your horse anywhere.

As our digital system is a Direct-Reading machine, the images appear on the screen after only a few seconds. There is no intermediate step or processing required. Most importantly the quality of the images is significantly better than the conventional film x-rays.

In many cases it can be beneficial to be able to take these x-rays at your stables, where your horse is more relaxed. This is particularly important if there is concern of a serious fracture, or a bad case of laminitis. Our machine has revolutionised the way in which we work with x-rays, with the ultimate aim of providing you, as clients, with the best possible service.

Diagnostic Imaging


Our mobile ultrasound machines (scanners) allow us to scan a wide range of conditions.

Traditionally associated with lameness and orthopaedic conditions such as tendon and ligament scanning, ultrasound imaging can also help us with diagnostics for abdominal conditions such as colic or liver disease and when taking biopsies of the liver or kidneys.

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